Will black suede heels work with a red satin cocktail dress? What color hose should I wear?

Will black suede heels work with a red satin cocktail dress?A red satin cocktail dress will look great with black suede shoes. Ultra sheer black hose will look great with your outfit or if your shoes are closed toe style, ultra sheer neutral color hose will look awesome. Black and red is a great color combination.

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How to Pamper Yourself
The New Year is a great time to pamper yourself. Get a facial, a body massage or that new pair of shoes that you can’t live without. It is also a great time to evaluate your diet, skin and makeup.

Good Posture Goes Beyond Looking Good
These words still keep ringing in my ear.  “Keep your head up, keep your shoulders away from your ears, and open your chest” was another of my mother’s constant refrains to my sister and I as young girls.  For those who practice Pilates, these words must sound very familiar.

Exfoliating is Essential During Winter
It was several years ago during a trip to the Wella Global Exchange that I discovered just how beneficial it was to exfoliate during the winter.  The month was February, and the location – Puerto Rico. After the usual holiday season rush in the salon and a few months of enduring the rain and cold, traveling to this warm location was such a delight. One afternoon after enjoying a soak in the warm salty surf and getting some sun on the beach, I returned to my hotel room to get ready for the evening orientation.