What color shoes can I wear with a red gown? It is a YSL designer gown & it’s to wear to a formal wedding.

What color shoes can I wear with a red gown? A red gown sounds awesome for a formal wedding. You have a number of options as far as shoe color. Silver metallic, pewter, gold, black or neutral / beige color shoes will all look good with a long red gown. You can try shoes with decoration like glitter also.  Shop your closet and try some different colors with your dress and then decide. Enjoy!

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What Should the Wedding Guest Wear?
Be a stylish wedding guest! Weddings are to celebrate, occasions to dress up. The wedding invitation provides the information to help you decide what to wear. Daytime (morning and afternoon) weddings are more casual than evening or formal weddings. Today any color is appropriate with the exception of white which is reserved for the bride.

Party Pockets
Party pockets? Would you wear an evening gown with pockets?  Forever pockets have been popular on dresses, skirts and pants. Now young and seasoned designers are adding pockets to the cocktail dress and evening gowns for a casual chic look. These designers feel that pockets can give a four figure priced dress a less pretentious, relaxed elegance.

Eco Fashion – Conscious Consumerism
I believe we are at the tipping point. Conscious consumerism has progressed to a lifestyle. We are experiencing an explosive growth in farm-to-table restaurants. There is an increased demand for more transparency and social responsibility. We see this across a myriad of brands with forward thinking companies. Think Coffee is working with small family-run farms. Chipotle incorporates sustainable work wear designed by Loomstate.

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