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What is Happening Around Conscious Consumerism?

I was asked to write a short article on eco-fashion. After tossing around a couple of ideas, I decided to write about — What is happening around conscious consumerism?

I believe we are at the tipping point. Conscious consumerism has progressed to a lifestyle. We are experiencing an explosive growth in farm-to-table restaurants. There is an increased demand for more transparency and social responsibility. We see this across a myriad of brands with forward thinking companies. Think Coffee is working with small family-run farms. Chipotle incorporates sustainable work wear designed by Loomstate. is an alternative to fast-fashion, as a purveyor of quality goods. I spent time with Zady’s co-founder Maxime Bedat. She explained how Zady is committed to hand-picking brands that deliver quality craftsmanship, innovative design and brand heritage.
Eileen Fischer’s eco collection is now being proactively marketed highlighting their sustainable fabrics and collections.
Additionally they are publicizing their sustainable practices with the Spring / Summer 2014 collection — available in stores now. I love this collection – have a look!

 The Peru Chronicles: EILEEN FISHER Organic Clothing Made in Peru

Nordstrom is pressing hard to motivate us to recycle our clothing. Along with Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, they have partnered with the newly launched Boston based e-commerce site Fashion Project which retails slightly used luxury clothing, shoes and accessories. Nordstrom has upped the ante by offering its customers a $40 gift card for bringing in your hardly-worn garments.

Other brands that stand out include Everlane one of the first e-commerce sites to “aggressively” promote transparency. Maiyet is at the forefront of sustainable luxury collections. The brand engages with artisans from around the world, who work in partnership with Maiyet’s design team developing seasonal collections.  By sharing the wealth, they enable poorer communities in underdeveloped nations to retain handcraft traditions by bringing unique precious pieces to the luxury consumer.

And talk about doing good. Check out NYC boutique — Story. Their latest concept “Good” list products that are doing good: Toms Shoes, Feed Project, Nature Box, Bantu swim wear and more. In addition to their Don’t Let Fashion go to Wastecampaign, HM has partnered with Ginetex and expanded their care labels to include instructions for preserving water and saving energy … “the less you wash your clothes the better”.

Even though it continues to be a challenge and there is much still to be done, I believe that we will all get on board and engage in sustainable practices — not only to do good but to look good and feel even better.

Manuela Fassbender
Guest Writer

MBF Trend Consulting

Creative Director Women’s Apparel / Creative Consultant Fashion Brands