Party Pockets

party pocketsBadgley Mischka

Party Pockets

Party pockets? Would you wear an evening gown with pockets?  Forever pockets have been popular on dresses, skirts and pants. Now young and seasoned designers are adding pockets to the cocktail dress and evening gowns for a casual chic look. These designers feel that pockets can give a four figure priced dress a less pretentious, relaxed elegance.


The upside to pockets in an evening gown or cocktail dress, whether tiny slits or more generous sized, may enable a glamour girl to carry her lipstick, for a quick touch up, with her. Of course a generous size pocket can hold your mobile device if you want to be tethered to technology.
The downsize to pockets (unless you want to add volume to your hips)is they may add volume to the hip area. With your cell phone or another bulky item in your pocket you’ll look hippie. For fashionistas that want the svelte look pockets are a no, no. If the dress you fall in love with has pockets but it makes you look hippy have them removed.

Dresses or skirts with slit pockets or pockets concealed in the seams are more forgiving and flattering styles.

Tip: Avoid pockets with flaps on high-end dressy dresses.