What color of shoes can I wear with a black & tan lace dress?

What color of shoes can I wear with a black & tan lace dress?Your lace dress sounds gorgeous! Black or bone color shoes should look very stylish with a black and tan dress. You can carry a black or bone bag with either black or bone color shoes. Silver metallic shoes and a silver metallic  bag will also work with your lace dress. Another option might be red shoes for a more edgy look. Experiment to see what you think looks best.

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Lace This Seasons Hottest Trend
Lace, this seasons hottest trend, is enjoying a comeback! It’s not just for weddings, christenings and lingerie anymore. Lace has crept into everyday as well as dressy clothing. Accessory designers have jumped on the lace band wagon too. Handbags trimmed in lace, shoes, collars and even lace print on eyeglass frames can add a trendy touch to your wardrobe.

Summer Sales, Stretch Your Clothing Dollars
August is a great month to do a closet audit. Go through your summer wardrobe and start tossing out summer clothes that don’t fit you or you have not been wearing  this season. You can take the rejects to your favorite charity and get a tax write off. The keepers are pieces that are in good condition and that you wear more often than anything else.

Footwear Basics
Shoes can make or break an ensemble. In addition to choosing the right style and fit, caring for your feet and your budget are also essential considerations. Shoes are an investment therefore buy the best you can afford.