Lace This Seasons Hottest Trend

Lace This Seasons Hottest Trend Lace This Seasons Hottest Trend Lace This Seasons Hottest Trend

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Lace, this seasons hottest trend, is enjoying a comeback! It’s not just for weddings, christenings and lingerie anymore. Lace has crept into everyday as well as dressy clothing. Accessory designers have jumped on the lace band wagon too. Handbags trimmed in lace, shoes, collars and even lace print on eyeglass frames can add a trendy touch to your wardrobe.


There are very strong feelings about lace. Professional women would never wear lace to the office, it doesn’t look professional. It may look alright as a trim on a blouse, or dress but that’s the limit for the office environment. The style purist is against cheap or colored lace but thinks neutral colors like black, charcoal, white, beige and cream color lace are the best possibilities.

To look chic in the daytime wearing lace, forget about anything frilly, too revealing or flamboyant. Choose classic style dresses like sheaths or shirt dresses. Pair with a smart jacket or classic cardigan sweater, paired down jewelry and smart shoes like closed toe pumps or ballerina flats.

A lace evening gown looks rich and chic. Velvet pants with a silk, lace trimmed blouse, lace skirt and satin top, or a stylish lace dress are all perfect holiday party attire.

5 ways to update your holiday look with lace:

1) a lace collar

2) lace stockings or lace leggings

3) a lace jacket

4) lace shoes

5) lace clutch bag

Fashion Advice: Ignore lace or any trend that does not suit you!


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