Can I wear black stockings with open-toe shoes?

Can I wear black stockings with open-toe shoes?You can definitely wear sheer black stockings, black opaque stockings, or black tights with open-toe shoes. In general a colored sheer stocking looks OK with a peep toe shoe.  However today fashion experts say never wear neutral color stockings with open-toed shoes or sandals. It gives you a web footed look.

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Sheer Stockings – This Seasons Style Choice
Thank goodness for the “Duchess of Cambridge,” who cannot be seen without sheer stockings, and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce` for wanting flawless looking legs.  Now a polished look for day and evening is back with neutral sheers.

Go Without Hose or Wear Stockings?
Today many young women don’t own a pair of stockings. You see the younger generation walking around the city in business suits during the day and out in the evening without hose winter and summer.

A Girl and Her Heels
I would rather be in pain wearing 4 inch Christian Louboutin heels than wearing something more sensible. I only own one pair of these so I wear them ALL the time, well until recently when the heel broke…does anyone know a good cobbler? (my CL’s were a 35th Birthday gift to myself.)

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