Go Without Hose or Wear Stockings?

Go Without Hose or Wear Stockings?

A big dilemma today is should I go without hose
or wear stockings / sheer pantyhose? 

Today many young women don’t own a pair of stockings. You see the younger generation walking around the city in business suits during the day and out in the evening without hose winter and summer.

What dictates whether you wear stockings or go (bare-legged) without hose?  The answer is shoe style, what looks flattering on you, the weather and / or good taste.

Pumps, sling backs, and flat shoes with closed toes can be worn with or without stockings / sheer pantyhose or tights. Sandals and open toe style shoes worn with hosiery make your feet look web-footed and date you. Peep toe shoes can look great with tights and sometimes with darker (black) sheer or patterned stockings. (Depends on how they look with what you are wearing.)
Bare white legs or bare legs with short skirts and unattractive knees are definitely out. To look stylish cover your knees if they are unattractive and never wear a sandal if your feet are ugly.


If you are climbing the corporate ladder stockings are a given. Sometimes cold weather may determine if you decide to put stockings on for warmth. Stockings look more polished for formal occasions if your legs are white as snow. Choose pump or closed toe sling back style  shoes with stockings or pantyhose for dressy type events if you have white legs.

A Polished Look

The secret to looking good at any age is to wear styles that flatter your body shape and coloring, styles that are age appropriate, and clothes that are right for the activity/event you will be attending.

Foot & Legwear Guidelines

  • Wear stockings to job interviews and important events.
  • Bare legs look best if you have good looking tanned legs.
  • Get a pedicure if you are wearing sandals or open toe style shoes.
  • Stockings give you a more polished look.
  • If you have unattractive legs never wear colored or trendy legwear or shoes with skirts.

 What Shoes to Wear With or Without Stockings

  • Pumps / Sling Backs / Flats With Closed Toes –  Go bare legged, wear stockings or tights.
  • Sandals / Flip Flops Open Toe Shoes – Go without stockings.
  • Peep Toe /Sling Backs, or Pumps, Flats With Open Toes – Go without stockings, or wear toeless, neutral, ultra sheer hose, tights, dark stockings or patterned stockings.

When to Wear Neutral Color Sheers

A Leg Up: When to Wear Stockings

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