Can I wear a pashmina all evening over a sleeveless dress? Will it get in the way of moving around or am I going to be fussing with it the whole night & feel self conscious? I want to cover up my arms.

Pashmina ScarfYour sleeveless dress will look stylish with a beautiful pashmina scarf. You can move around wearing your pashmina scarf by tying it in a loose knot in front so it does not need adjustments during the evening. Another trick is to adjust it to cover your arms and secure it with a brooch and it will stay in place all evening. You can also wear your scarf with a belt over your sleeveless dress and it will not need to be adjusted.

Scarf Covering Shoulders Pashmina with belt. Pashmina Scarf

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The Scarf
The scarf offers endless possibilities for enhancing your looks and adding uniqueness to your personal presentation. Scarves can help you individualize your look in three ways: 1) they come in many sizes and fabrics, 2) you can combine them with various types of clothing and 3) you can tie or secure them in many different ways.

Instant Style: The Scarf
We have the “It” Handbag, the “It” Shoe and now the “It Scarf”. During the last few years we have witnessed scarfs being worn day and night, on young and old, and for casual or dressy occasions. Not only do they come in different sizes (over sized for drama or soft silks for a feminine look) and in every color(s) imaginable, they can transform your look instantly.