The Scarf

The ScarfWear a Scarf to Express Your Uniqueness

The scarf offers endless possibilities for enhancing your looks and adding uniqueness to your personal presentation. Scarves can help you individualize your look in three ways: 1) they come in many sizes and fabrics, 2) you can combine them with various types of clothing and 3) you can tie or secure them in many different ways.


You can wear a scarf as a head covering, a shawl/pashmina, a belt, an accent piece or a garment. To feel confident wearing a scarf, you should practice tying one or two different size scarves in different ways. Always check in your mirror before you go out the door.

10 Tips on choosing and wearing scarves:

1.    Choose a scarf that will enhance your outfit
2.    Choose colors that complement your skin and what you are wearing.
3.    Consider the size/proportion of the scarf.
4.    Print scarves look good with solid color clothes.
5.    Solid color scarves work well with print clothing.
6.    Get a sophisticated look by wearing a slightly darker or lighter scarf with a solid color outfit.
7.    Mix textures for a more interesting look.
8.    Only 1 piece of jewelry is necessary when wearing a scarf.
9.    The most versatile scarf is a long and thin scarf.
10.  Tie a scarf around the handle of your handbag to add interest to an outfit.