What is the most versatile necklace length?

What is the most versatile necklace length?The most versatile necklace length is especially important if you are considering purchasing an expensive necklace. You want to wear it with many different style tops and get your money’s worth. A sixteen to eighteen inch necklace is very versatile and can be worn with different styles of necklines. This length necklace will work with a jewel neckline, the V neckline of a shirt style blouse, boat- shape neckline or a strapless top. For different looks combine your necklace with other types and length necklaces. In other words you want to consider cost-per-wear (CPW) when spending money. Cost per wear means the more you wear it, the better the returns on your investment.

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Politically Correct Diamonds “Lab Diamonds”
Now the environment in which a diamond naturally grows can be recreated above ground in a laboratory.  The results are gem quality stones the same as natural diamonds called lab diamonds. These diamonds are being graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) like natural diamonds using the 3 “C’s : color, clarity and cut.

White Gems
Little white gems, or pearls are considered  the quintessential jewelry classic. Stylish and elegant women have always worn pearls. Little white gems go with everything from casual clothing to formal outfits. Every season pearls are a hot fashion trend in jewelry.