White Gems

Little White Gems

White Gems

Quintessential Classics

Little white gems, or pearls are considered  the quintessential jewelry classic. Stylish and elegant women have always worn pearls. Little white gems go with everything from casual clothing to formal outfits. Every season pearls are a hot fashion trend in jewelry.


Designers have pearls falling all over garments and they are being used in new ways for jewelry.  According to an article in the Financial Times, Linda Fargo, women’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman says “…the style pendulum has swung in favour of these pretty little white gems-they are the newer jewel.”

Designers are finding new ways to use pearls on clothing. They are trimming necklines, accessories and shoes with pearls.

If your wondering what jewelry to wear with jeans or party clothes try combining a pearl necklace or two with a pendant, shiny chains and or vintage pieces with pearls for a new look.

Caring for Pearls