What is bespoke jewelry?

What is bespoke jewelry?Bespoke means custom made. Bespoke jewelry is jewelry commissioned and usually custom made for a private individual. Above a bracelet that belonged to the Duchess of Windsor. “Designed as a single row of spectacle-set brilliant-cut diamonds supporting one plain and eight gem-set, Latin crosses. This jeweled bracelet has been referred to as being the most intimate link between Wallis and Edward. Each representing a stepping stone in their love story.” *

* Duchess of Windsor, page 122, lot 92. A diamond bracelet, by Cartier, circa 1935.

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Make a Fashion Statement with a Classic
This season the“cuff” (a classic style) bracelet is making a big comeback. It gets its name from its similarity to a cuff on a blouse. The cuff bracelet is also a classic that you can wear anytime. If you want to add just one item this season-go for a dramatic cuff bracelet and make a statement.