Make a Fashion Statement with a Classic

Gold Cuff Bracelet

Instantaneous Glamour

This season the“cuff” (a classic style) bracelet is making a big comeback. It gets its name from its similarity to a cuff on a blouse. The cuff bracelet is also a classic that you can wear anytime. If you want to add just one item this season-go for a dramatic cuff bracelet and make a statement.

Some Interesting Facts About the Bracelet

Egyptian Knot bracelets (from about 2040-1640 B.C.) were based on the ancient belief that protective spells could be bound to the wearer through a knot.

Egyptian Knot BraceletWomen have been wearing bracelets like this cuff bracelet, of Nordic ornamental influence, since the middle Bronze Age 1400 BC.  It would be considered a “statement” bracelet. One of these would probably be enough.

Bronze Cuff Bracelet

The Romans borrowed from Greek motifs such as palmettos, fleeing dogs and acanthus leaves. They also used stones and glass and pearls in bracelets.Between 1714-1830 Paris jewelers were known for their gold bracelets set with pearl edging.After the 1820’s coral became fashionable and bracelets  designed in gold were popular.

Russian Bracelets

(Russian, 1846-1920)

Victorian Bracelets were more rigid and worn in pairs. Sometimes they contained lockets or charms with pictures or hair of a loved one, and engravings were common.

The Art Nouveau period was attached to nature. Dragonflies, butterflies, bees, peacocks, swans, the Egyptian scarab, flowers, etc. were used as bracelet decorations.

From 1910 to 1939 women’s blouse and dress fashions saw sleeveless or short sleeve dresses. Arm bracelets with gemstones or diamonds were popular during this era.

 Llions Head Bracelet

This Cypriot twisted coil with lion head ends dates from around 450-400 BC.

Today bracelet styles are varied. You can find just about anything. Gold, Silver, Pearl Gemstone, etc. bracelets are here to stay in every style imaginable. You can wear one or 10 at a time depending on the fashion statement you want to make.

Jewelry Care Tips

Start with a classic wardrobe piece like a simple dress, suit, or jacket then add your cuff to make a statement.