What colors/types of top & shoes/boots would be best with oxblood leggings?

What colors/types of top & shoes/boots would be best with oxblood leggings?Oxblood  is a dark red to medium reddish-brown color. Black, brown, bronze and pewter are all colors that will go with oxblood leggings. You can coordinate your outfit wearing a matching color top and footwear. A stripe or print top with some oxblood color in it or a top with oxblood and the color in your footwear will look stylish. A flattering style top will reach mid hip or mid-thigh length.

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Shoes That Rock, Trainers
Trainers are atheletc shoes that rock. Designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and Raf Simons, Dior, sent models down their runways wearing trainers with couture fashions the last several seasons. Now they have become an established trend.

Season of the Shoe
It is the season of the shoe. There seems to be a move away from the platform shoe and stiletto heels this Fall. The fashion forward and early adopter divas will be dancing the night away in evening sneakers with cocktail dresses or evening gowns and wearing pointy toe oxford flats with slouchy pants and loose dresses.

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