What color of shoes do I wear with a red dress?

What color of shoes do I wear with a red dress?A red dress can be worn with a lot of different colors of shoes. Stock up on a few pairs of investment color shoes in a classic style like black patent leather, nude color, pewter and / or leopard print to wear with your red dress. If the dress has a different color belt (black patent) you might want to wear matching black patent leather shoes. Another option is to wear a handbag (leopard or zeba print) that you have and wear matching color leopard or zebra print shoes. Experiment and have some fun. Different color accessories will give you different looks.

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Finishing Touches: Belts
No matter what time of the year belts are a popular accessory and are a way to define your waistline. You can belt a suit, coat, or dress for a new and /or put together look. Belts with interesting buckles are another way to add some style to your clothing. They are a way to give a basic outfit like a LBD (little black dress) different personalities or an updated look. For example a snakeskin, leopard print or a metallic belt can give your LBD three different looks.