Finishing Touches: Belts

Finishing Touches: BeltsWomen Wear Belts
Above, Below, at Their Waists or on the Diagonal

No matter what time of the year belts are a popular accessory and are a way to define your waistline. You can belt a suit, coat, or dress for a new and /or put together look. Belts with interesting buckles are another way to add some style to your clothing. They are a way to give a basic outfit like a LBD (little black dress) different personalities or an updated look. For example a snakeskin, leopard print or a metallic belt can give your LBD three different looks.

Belts can draw attention to your mid section and should be avoided if you do not want to focus attention on your waist area. If you  have a large waist it is better to avoid wearing belts. If you are short a belt in a different color or fabric can cut you in half and make you appear shorter. Belts in the same color as your dress, pants or skirt are the least noticeable.

Who looks best in belts?  Women with small waists and tall slim females look the best  wearing a belt around their waist. How can you wear a belt?  Women wear belts, above, below, at their waists or on the diagonal. A belt on the diagonal adds style if your waist is a little bigger than you would like it to be. Have some fun experimenting with different widths and styles of belts. If you have style you can carry off wearing a belt even if you don’t have the perfect figure.

Tips on Wearing Belts

A narrow belt is better if you do not want to call attention to your waistline.

In general match your belt color with what you are wearing or your shoe color. When you wear a different color belt than the color of what you are wearing it will cut you in half.

Be sure your belt fits correctly.

Leather belts work for any occasion.

Silver buckles look good with silver jewelry and gold/brass look good with gold jewelry.

Canvas and fabric belts, with grommets, etc are best for a casual look .

Large buckles and fashion belt buckles will call attention to your waistline.

When wearing statement buckles go light on jewelry. Decorative buckles are like jewelry.