What color accessories can I wear with a cheetah print dress? The dress is taupe my shoes are lime green.

What color accessories can I wear with a cheetah print dress? A cheetah print dress is a show stopper and your lime green shoes sound like they will make a statement. Go with something in a simple style jewelry like pearl or metal jewelry and a taupe bag. One statement in an outfit is usually enough. A different look for your cheetah dress would be black shoes and a black bag with interesting earrings that draw the focus upward to your face.

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White Gems
Little white gems, or pearls are considered  the quintessential jewelry classic. Stylish and elegant women have always worn pearls. Little white gems go with everything from casual clothing to formal outfits. Every season pearls are a hot fashion trend in jewelry.

Pearls Are a Gift From the Sea
Pearls are a gift from the sea. Always in style, pearls are timeless. They have been around and valued since ancient Egyptian times when they were found by fishermen accidentally. Today the pearl industry is a multibillion-dollar business. Elegance and in some cases rarity have made pearls a traditional sign of wealth.

Politically Correct Diamonds “Lab Diamonds”
Now the environment in which a diamond naturally grows can be recreated above ground in a laboratory.  The results are gem quality stones the same as natural diamonds called lab diamonds. These diamonds are being graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) like natural diamonds using the 3 “C’s : color, clarity and cut.