What type of top should I wear with black leather pants? It is for a Christmas party.

What type of top should I wear with black leather pants?With black leather pants you can wear a  sweater with sequins, a silk blouse, or a lace top. Other options are a cotton “T'” with a piece of statement jewelry or cashmere turtleneck sweater.  The top you choose has to look good with the style of your leather pants. You can try several tops to see which looks most flattering on you. A stylish evening bag and shoes will say “dressed up”!

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Holiday Chic
Holiday chic is festive and an excuse to dress up big time. If you can find something in your drawers and / or closet you can save time and money so panic, shop your closet. The trends below have been around for awhile and continue to be strong for holiday 2014.

The Basic Tee
The white tee shirt is an American classic. In terms of style it suits all fashion people whether high fashion divas, cheap, chic fashoinistas, or laid back fashion chicks the basic tee shirt can work in any wardrobe.

Holiday Clothing Fashion Tips
It’s holiday party time! What to wear to those holiday festivities does not have to be a problem. Before you venture out to shop look in your closet. You might find the holiday clothing you need without spending a dime.

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