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Your suggestions are very helpful. Pat

"Love your advice"! Michelle

"Details I never thought of. Thank you for such an inspiring response!" Sherry

"...your advice is always spot on and so helpful. I feel very confident when following your style advice. The outfits always work and I enjoy the comments and compliments from my boyfriends and others when out and about. You are the best." Michelle.

"Thank you again for a thorough and thoughtful answer."  Shari

" You have helped me in the past and would like some advice once again! Love your website! Cathy

"luv your informative fashion site:)"

"...You've helped me in the past and completely trust your advice. Thank you!! Lila

"... great advice and that is why I come to you!"  Stacey

"...you have a great site."  Gail

"Thank you so much for your advice, Cathie! Good thing I waited for your response before making a purchasing decision." Susan

"Your site and monthly emails always give me a lift.  I love reading about the latest fashions, style and trends." Joan

"Thank you in advance for always giving reliable, solid advice! " Sheri

"Thanks so much for your help in my decision...This is the first time I have ever asked a fashion expert a question, as I usually know about "what's acceptable". I  thank you, thank you, thank you.  Also, thanks for your promptness!!!" Sally

"Many thanks for your speedy reply to my question!   And thanks for all the options!  Much appreciated."  Sharon

"Thank you for your quick answer. You are great!" Ann

"Thank you for your reply and advice. I really appreciate it! I like your site alot." Gloria

"Thank you so much Cathie you helped he out a lot."  Shanique

"Thanks Cathie. Great help." Emma

"Thanks for this wonderful site!" Joan

Just want to tell you how much I enjoy this website. Thank you!!! So much!!! Isabelle

"Love your site!" Tina

"I just discovered your site. Love it! I'm a business etiquette consultant who wants to stay current on the latest trends." Linda

"You are great…thank you so much!" Amy

"Your site is a fantastic resource!" Hedy

"Thank you for your advice.  I must say your website is pretty amazing." Vicki

"Awesome, thanks so much for your advice. I want this wedding to be special and I would like to look like I did put some effort into choosing the correct jewelry and colors for the event. You have been such a help and I truly appreciate your talent for helping people like me feel less intimidated with fashion. Definitely will be checking your site out on a regular basis." Valerie

Thank you so much for your wonderful advice - I would never have thought to match bag with jewelry i.e. Silver Bag with silver jewelry or Gold Bag with gold jewelry etc. Your have been so helpful.”  Nuala

"I really like this site!!!!" Diane

Thank you so much!!! Now I know what to do!!! You're awesome!!! Jennifer

Thank you so very much for you help! It was greatly appreciated. Linda

"Thank you so much for the advice. It was really helpful!"   Haylee

"...I am very excited I found your website!!!" Debbie

“I love your emails (newsletters) and look forward to them!!!! Thank-you.  Liz

Thanks again Cathie for your great advice! You are the BEST!!!  Meary

Thank you so much; this really helps me out, as I am about to buy a whole new wardrobe!  I'm so glad I found your website! Linda

Love this site! Edys

Thank you so much for answering my question!  I'm shocked.... most websites don't answer, they acknowledge that they received my question and thank me. Gail

"Thanks so much  - found your site last night and have it on my bookmarks bar to return to daily.  So thrilled to get an actual answer before I needed it this weekend!!  Well done and great fun site!".  Deb

“Thank you. You've been a big help in the past and I trust your judgement.” Renee

"After searching the web your answers are by far the best! I love your site and your advice-thanks”. Margaret

"This is very helpful. Your time and emails are very appreciated. What a great internet service. I will let others know. Again, thank you". Elaine

"Thanks for your help.  Great website.  Keep up the good work". Yvonne

"Thank You Very Much...I wore what you suggested...and I looked GREAT! The other girls were just in jeans and t shirts...so unfashionable!" Kristi

"The suggestions that you made are excellent.  Can't believe that I didn't think about those shoe choices.  Thank you!" CJ

"Thank You for all the advise it was very helpful. I had no idea of what to look for or where to start so again thank you."Susan

"Thank you, thank you. I have never emailed a question before.  I'm so glad I did." Kelly

"Many kind thanks, Cathie! Your answer was just what I needed." Rumi

"Thanks for wonderful advice...great website!" Susan

"Thank you Cathie. You were a BIG help!" Stacey

"Hi there, this site is great!!!!" Jessica

"Your website is just amazing!!!" Priya

"Thanks for all your help. I was definitely one the best dressed, one of the few guests that looked like I put any thought into what I was wearing." Ann

"I've also put your website in my favorites!" Sarah

"I can't thank you enough.  I know it's early for me to be asking that question but it gives me plenty of time now to figure out which colour to go with for shoes. I really appreciate your help." Zel

"Thank you so much for your help! I will definitely be using all of your advice! You have a wonderful site and I appreciate it greatly! Thank you for this website!" Kayla

"Thanks, you've not failed me yet even when I had doubts.""Promise only what you can deliver, then deliver more than you promised" "Prometa solo lo que usted puede entregar, que entrega mas que prometio" Renee

Thank U... U gave me great ideas. Aurea

"Thank you so much! Went with black tights and black platform shoes- it looked fab!" Claire

"Always love getting your helpful and interesting newsletter updates!" Joan



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