Can I Wear a Metallic Dress to My Son’s Wedding?

Can I Wear a Metallic Dress to My Son's Wedding?A metallic dress sounds très edgy for your son’s wedding. That being said if it works with the bride and the color scheme of the wedding a subtle metallic like a pewter, gold or silver dress would be beautiful. Avoid the very shiny metallic fabrics but something in a soft metallic shade is considered a neutral color and goes with everything. Actually a metallic dress is perfect with a black and white wedding color scheme. It is important to keep in mind that the spotlight should always be on the bride at her wedding. Always check with the bride before choosing the color of your dress. If you wear a metallic dress little jewelry, such as pearl or diamond stud earrings, is enough. Keep your makeup light and neutral nail polish will be very chic. If possible you want to begin having a good relationship with your daughter-in-law to be. A classic style dress that fits perfectly would look fabulous in the wedding pictures ad infinitum.

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What Should the Mother of the Groom Wear?
You are the Mother of the Groom. You want to look great and make a good impression at your son’s wedding. How do you begin to choose an outfit? It is a good idea to talk to the bride about her color scheme for the wedding and find out what type of wedding she is planning (daytime or evening).

What Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?
The one given when deciding what to wear for your daughter’s wedding is that every MOB (Mother of the Bride) wants to look great. Your daughter is the center of attention on her wedding day but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine too. Mothers of Brides usually have first choice when it comes to selecting an outfit for their daughter’s wedding but should let the Mother of the Groom in on what she is wearing if possible. A personal shopper/stylist at your favorite department store can help in selecting a MOB outfit.