Linda Loudermilk, Eco Chic Designer

Linda Loudermilk, Eco Chic Designer

Linda Loudermilk, Eco Chic Designer
Nature the Creative Source for Her Designs

Where is Linda Loudermilk today? She invented the term luxury ecoTM with the launch of her clothing line. She  developed sustainable fabrics for the Loudermilk brand. Her styles were hip and environmentally sensitive without sacrificing style. She was committed to making clothing out of environmentally friendly fabrics that were chic and beautiful. Linda’s designs were constructed from fabrics like bamboo, soya blends, sasawashi (a blend of Japanese paper and kumazasa herb which resembles linen) and other fabrics made of exotic self-sustaining plants.


Linda studied costume design at Oxford University in England and refined her design skills at the Colorado Institute of Art and on the runways of Paris before returning to Los Angeles to launch the Linda Loudermilk line of clothing and inventing the luxury ecoTM stamp.

The luxury ecoTM stamp of approval  developed an accreditation process that involved a detailed review of a company’s product, manufacturing processes, energy uses, labor practices, and environmental impacts as well as a product’s aesthetic design and luxury-quality status.

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New Generation of Eco Fashion
Chic, fashion forward, and sustainable; what an incredible fashion concept that is. Earth conscious clothing (eco fashion) and accessories are defiantly part of the fashion norm these days, but as the fashion industry changes so does our perception of sustainability. An earth conscious shopper’s choices are expanding to new levels in the fashion world and our earth friendly practices are expanding as well.

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