New Generation of Eco Fashion

By Yolanda R. Wright

Tom's Eyewear - Eco Fashion
Toms Eyewear

Eco Fashion Shopper’s Choices
Are Expanding to New Levels

Chic, fashion forward, and sustainable; what an incredible fashion concept that is. Earth conscious clothing (eco fashion) and accessories are defiantly part of the fashion norm these days, but as the fashion industry changes so does our perception of sustainability. An earth conscious shopper’s choices are expanding to new levels in the fashion world and our earth friendly practices are expanding as well. Our earth friendly practices involve addressing social issues such as poverty and health, expanding are vision of sustainability, and practicing ethical and fair trade.


Well this is a no brainer. We all have heard of TOMS shoes and are familiar with the good social practices of this company. (The earth buzz word here is social practices) so now TOMS has expanded into eyewear. These sunglasses are made in Italy and have an earth consciousness signature hand-painted stripes called “One for One” symbolizing the link between the buyer and the person whose sight you are helping to improve. These sunglasses come in an array of fashion styles from classic to modern and in all kinds of great colors. So shop for these glasses and find out more about the cause by visiting but if you just want to shop they are available at Nordstrom too!

TOMS Eyewear – Nepal Giving Trip

Brilliant Earth jewelry

Yolanda_earth_jewelry3 Yolanda_earth_jewelry Yolanda_earth_jewelry2

This is a great place to find jewelry that showcases classic and elegant styles and practices fair trade. The eco-friendly jewelry collection features recycled gold, conflict free diamonds, sapphires, and gems. Their mission is to make jewelry as beautiful as it can be and they are passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. The pieces provide quality, foster change, promote communities, and provide customers with awareness while respecting the planet.


Yolanda R. Wright
Guest Writer