Can I wear black tights or nude stockings with black patent pumps? I’m wearing a navy blue, lace, knee length dress to my step daughter’s wedding in November. I’m 59 & hate the veins on my legs & the way my ankles swell.

Can I wear black tights or nude stockings with black patent pumps?Thin black tights or sheer opaque black pantyhose will look great with your outfit. Black opaque pantyhose may be thinner than black tights and you can’t see through them. Black opaque stockings /pantyhose should work with a navy blue dress and black patent leather shoes and may be more comfortable than tights. Your navy blue lace dress sounds very festive for your step daughter’s wedding.

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What Should the Wedding Guest Wear?
Be a stylish wedding guest! Weddings are to celebrate, occasions to dress up. The wedding invitation provides the information to help you decide what to wear. Daytime (morning and afternoon) weddings are more casual than evening or formal weddings. Today any color is appropriate with the exception of white which is reserved for the bride.

Dress Like the French – Wardrobe Check List
To dress like the French you need clothing in simple, timeless styles, in neutral or pastel colors that flatter your skin tone. French women avoid patterns and focus on clean lines. They avoid the girly, frilly look and dress age appropriately. To dress like the French requires planning ahead and paying attention to details plus knowing what looks good on you. The French chic know that wearing the right size clothing that fits well and is comfortable is very important. You really don’t have to suffer at all to dress like the French!