Dress Like the French – Wardrobe Check List

Dress Like the French - Wardrobe Check List

Dress Like the French

To dress like the French you need clothing in simple, timeless styles, in neutral or pastel colors that flatter your skin tone. French women avoid patterns and focus on clean lines. They avoid the girly, frilly look and dress age appropriately. To dress like the French requires planning ahead and paying attention to details plus knowing what looks good on you. The French chic know that wearing the right size clothing that fits well and is comfortable is very important. You really don’t have to suffer at all to dress like the French!

Wardrobe Check List:

Little Black Dress (LBD) Why not 2 or 3? Cashmere Sweaters (in several styles & 1 in navy)
A Black Suit Trench Coat (in a neutral color)
White Blouse(s) Leather Jacket
Pencil or A line Skirt Quality T-Shirts (some with stripes)
Pants /Jeans Scarves (silk, chiffon, cashmere in lots of colors, shapes, designs and sizes

Other Basics to Dress Like the French:

Quality Black Tights
Shoes: That fit well. Stylish Comfortable Shoes in Different Colors, Ankle Boots/Pumps/Ballerina Flats /Walking Shoes –
The Right Underwear

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