The Secret to French Chic

What is the Secret to French Chic?

french_YSL3xxThe secret to French chic has to do with an attitude as much as style and good taste. French women create their own look or fashion. They are not slaves chasing the latest fashion trends. They like clean lines, streamlined silhouettes and something unexpected when they put an outfit together. If only there was a secret formula on how to achieve French chic or style.  In general there are a few basics to help you discover the secret to French Chic or style. Of course practice makes perfect!

The French chic prefer to have a few key, quality, basic pieces in their wardrobes that fit them well. They prefer understated, simple, tailored classic styles that are ageless and timeless in neutral colors. Sound boring? Well classic styles in beige, black, navy, white and gray go with almost every color and last for many years.  The French chic love mixing their basics with something offbeat from the latest hottest trends creating a surprise.

Another trait of the French chic is their attitude  of confidence that comes from wearing clothing that suits their lifestyle, flatters their figure type and is age appropriate.


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