What are some fashion trends for spring 2014?

What are some fashion trends for spring 2014?Some fashion trends for spring are the “it” color pink/purple, pastel colors, cropped pants, suits, hosiery for daytime, sequins and shine for evening wear, and flats with evening gowns. Lace, denim, elegant sport looks ( luxe sweatshirts, hoodies), white cotton blouses, fringe, feathers and sheer looks. Clothing is feminine and a  simple t shirt or sweat shirt style top over a soft A line or pleat skirt is a “fresh” look!

Holly Fulton design pictured.

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Spring Jewelry Trends 2014
Spring Jewelry trends are geometric. Jewelry designers have discovered how color and geometric shaped jewelry makes a contemporary statement. Adding something angular for spring and summer is one way to update your look and the latest jewelry trend. Contemporary jewelry designs and jewelry trends are strong, bold and shocking. Color, cuffs, chunky gold, and leather are some of the hot jewelry trends.

Spring 2014 Shoe Trends
The shoe  trends that make us say wow and oh la la this spring are about shape, texture, color, and not to mention decadent style. And did I mention celebrity style too!  A good shoe is a statement, a signature piece for any outfit and you can even style a whole outfit around a single pair of shoes. So make your statement from the bottom up with the latest shoe trends!

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