What color shoes & accessories should I wear with a seafoam color dress? My daughter’s wedding is in October. It was suggested if I wear chocolate brown shoes & jewelry, it would help tone down the summery-ness of the light color.

What color shoes & accessories should I wear with a seafoam color dress?Seafoam is such a beautiful color for a Mother of the Bride dress. Silver shoes and a silver clutch with silver or sparkly (quality rhinestone or diamond) jewelry or a combo of sparkly and pearl jewelry would be very chic with your seafoam color dress. Women wear light colors all year around. Go with the color accessories that look best with your dress and the wedding colors.

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What Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?
The one given when deciding what to wear for your daughter’s wedding is that every MOB (Mother of the Bride) wants to look great. Your daughter is the center of attention on her wedding day but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine too. Mothers of Brides usually have first choice when it comes to selecting an outfit for their daughter’s wedding but should let the Mother of the Groom in on what she is wearing if possible. A personal shopper/stylist at your favorite department store can help in selecting a MOB outfit.

Ten Jewels Every Woman Should Own
Jewelry is more than the finishing touch to an outfit; in some cultures, it’s the entire outfit. How do you start to build the perfect jewelry wardrobe-for yourself or for someone special? You could turn to what many consider the world’s foremost authority on gems and jewelry, the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, to guide you through the “bauble basics.” First, remember to keep it simple, yet stunning and precious. Fine jewelry is meant to be worn, enjoyed and treasured forever.