What color jewelry (silver, gold?) should I wear with a fuchsia & navy floral top & navy slacks?

http://www.4fashionadvice.com/category/questions/accessories-questions/Your navy and fuchsia top with navy slacks sounds like a stylish outfit. There is no right or wrong when choosing what color jewelry to wear with a fuchsia and navy outfit. It is a good idea to take your skintone / coloring, hair color, style of neckline and outfit into consideration before deciding what to wear. Trial and error is the best way to find out what looks best on you. Simple style jewelry looks better with dressy clothing and statement jewelry looks great with simple, tailored clothing. Experiment to see what looks flattering with what you are wearing.

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Ten Jewels Every Woman Should Own
Jewelry is more than the finishing touch to an outfit; in some cultures, it’s the entire outfit. How do you start to build the perfect jewelry wardrobe-for yourself or for someone special? You could turn to what many consider the world’s foremost authority on gems and jewelry, the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, to guide you through the “bauble basics.” First, remember to keep it simple, yet stunning and precious. Fine jewelry is meant to be worn, enjoyed and treasured forever.

Jewelry Essentials
Like a basic clothing wardrobe you can build a basic collection of jewelry with a few pieces that can be worn for many years and on numerous occasions. The two most important considerations when choosing jewelry are quality and choosing pieces that compliment you. For instance, you should choose pieces according to your face shape, hair style, hair color, skin tone, and body proportion. Remember to buy the best that you can afford! A purchase of fine jewelry is a worthy investment.

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