What can I wear to a formal banquet?

What can I wear to a formal banquet?A formal banquet is an occasion to dress up. Years ago a formal event called for a floor length dress. Today women are more casual so a floor length dress or skirt, dressy pants and a top, or a dressy, knee-length, cocktail dress are all acceptable. A cocktail dress is a little more “modern” and stylish for most formal events these days. A great opportunity to put your little black dress (LBD) to work with some stylish bling. However a more formal event like an Opera Gala, Symphony Gala, the White House, or a formal Royal banquet would call for a floor length gown. If you are not sure how formal (what length to wear) you can check with the hostess or other folks attending the formal banquet.

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Party Pockets
Party pockets? Would you wear an evening gown with pockets?  Forever pockets have been popular on dresses, skirts and pants. Now young and seasoned designers are adding pockets to the cocktail dress and evening gowns for a casual chic look. These designers feel that pockets can give a four figure priced dress a less pretentious, relaxed elegance.

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