Can I wear a birght orange sports jacket in the fall? Is this color just for spring?

Can I wear a birght orange sports jacket in the fall?Sports jackets are soooo chic and add a finishing touch to any outfit! Vibrant colors are “in style” so an orange sports jacket can be very fashionable. Today most folks are setting their own style and if something is flattering on you and appropriate for the event you are wearing it to you should feel comfortable wearing it anytime of the year.

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Dressing for a Date! – Get it Right!
A first date to the cinema to watch Scooby Doo is a far cry from a graduation ball or a black tie dinner. Guy’s or gals need to consider where it is they’re going. It goes without saying that he or she will be hoping to impress, so at least make sure sufficient levels of effort and scouting have gone into what’s expected.

What does your denim choice say about you?
Have we got you worried? Did you know your denim jeans are broadcasting loud and clear about your attitude and your personality, and that rightly or wrongly, the first impression is one you can’t take back? Below we’ve listed five different types of denim jeans which prompt five different responses, so read on to see what sort of message you’re sending before you’ve even exchanged a greeting with someone.