Dressing for a Date! – Get it Right!

Dressing for a Date! - Get it Right!

Dressing For a Date Can Be A Minefield!

A first date to the cinema to watch Scooby Doo is a far cry from a graduation ball or a black tie dinner. Guy’s or gals need to consider where it is they’re going. It goes without saying that he or she will be hoping to impress, so at least make sure sufficient levels of effort and scouting have gone into what’s expected.

In the case of formal dinner or dance events, dress codes will usually be clearly noted on the invitation.  Then, however, another dangerous area is entered, although this is usually confined to more formal events.

Although it sounds a bit dumb and goofy, it won’t hurt to simply ask your date what he or she is wearing. We’ve all been in a situation where, having agonised over what to wear, we’ve ultimately decided and lived to regret it.  So imagine the horror and the dreadful situation should you show up wearing something inappropriate for the occasion. I’m talking a full disaster here, not something that you can change or laugh off.

If your date is wearing a purple dress that means you have various avenues to go down in order to complement her perfectly.  Be it a dark suit with purple pinstripes, or simply a basic suit with a plain shirt and purple tie, subtle contrasts always work better rather than loud, obnoxious statements which will probably end up with your man looking rather foolish.

In terms of other dating locations, you need to make sure you’re dressed to impress.  Even if it is “only” the trip to the cinema as mentioned earlier, it may be the first, and depending on the impression you give it may well be the last date you have.

Dressing well will give a clear sign that you’re not easily going to let that happen.
Dress simply while remaining smart at all times, you want to look quietly confident and someone who a gal or guy can confide in, not someone who wears borderline awful clothes!. Take the time to get your date dress right, after all, your future happiness could depend on it!

Robert Reeve
Guest Writer

Robert writes for Stylepilot an online start-up designed exclusively for men to navigate fashion online and to discover which styles and items to purchase. Stylepilot is effectively an online personal stylist for men.