How can I know what to get rid of when cleaning out my closet?

How can I know what to get rid of when cleaning out my closet?Anytime is a great time to go through your closet and drawers and get rid of items. Make a list of your usual activities and keep in mind what clothes you wear for those activities. Get rid of: 1) clothing you do not like and never wear; 2) out of style clothes (not classics), 3) never worn and probably won’t wear and  4) clothing that needs repairs that you would not wear even if repaired. Granted this is hard to do, but you’ll feel relieved when it is over. Donate to charity and get a tax write off. (You can ask a friend to help!)

When you buy clothing stick to basics/classic styles. Choose one color like navy, black, gray, etc and purchase all clothing that does with that color. Add accessories to add POP and purchase clothes for the activities you are involved in. Two articles that might be helpful are: “Auditing Your Wardrobe” and “Women’s Basic Wardrobe Clothing”.

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Organize Your Clothes and Closet
Organize your clothes and closet at least twice a year. Spring and Fall are good times of the year. An audit is taking a clothing inventory and gives you the opportunity to get rid of things that you do not wear, don’t fit you or things that are out of style. A few good basics and special pieces should be the keepers.

Less is More?
Less is More? There is a move underfoot to buy less but buy quality over quantity. Many of us have closets stuffed with quantities of clothes we never or seldom wear. However when it is time to clear out the excess in our wardrobes it can be difficult or impossible to purge this extra stuff.

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