Less is More?


Less is More?

Less is More? There is a move underfoot to buy less but buy quality over quantity. Many of us have closets stuffed with quantities of clothes we never or seldom wear. However when it is time to clear out the excess in our wardrobes it can be difficult or impossible to purge this extra stuff.


Most of us love wearing our favorite, comfortable pieces of clothing over and over again. There is nothing wrong with this. When something flatters you and it feels great it should be worn many times. Doesn’t it make sense to buy or make investments in quality, basic styles of clothing that you wear more often and get more bang for our bucks?

With busy lives we have less time to shop today. Having less but good quality, flattering pieces of clothing to mix and match makes life much simpler. Spending the majority of our clothing dollars on quality basics and adding trendy accessories to up date our current look is a great way to go. Three quarters of our clothing budget should be spent on quality basic styles that work with our lifestyle.

The reward for implementing less is more will be saving money, time and feeling organized and more confident. However it takes discipline but you can begin the process by cleaning out your closet and being selective when purchasing new clothes.

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Organize Your Clothes and Closet
Organize your clothes and closet at least twice a year. Spring and Fall are good times of the year. An audit is taking a clothing inventory and gives you the opportunity to get rid of things that you do not wear, don’t fit you or things that are out of style. A few good basics and special pieces should be the keepers.