Yidan Wong, Chinese Tour Guide

Yidan Wong, Chinese Tour Guide

Yidan Wong
Chinese Tour Guide

Miranda is her English name. She was born in the Year of the Tiger (1974). At age 14 Yidan began studying English. When she was a senior in high school her English teacher told her she had a good ear for the English language and encouraged her to continue her study of English as a major. Then she would be prepared for a business career with foreigners. Yidan followed her advice and studied English Literature at the Beijing Foreign Studies University.


Instead of a career in business she decided to become an English speaking guide. She has been a guide since 1997 when she obtained certificates in 5 subjects. Her specialty is in the European Department of CITS (China International Travel Service) and the majority of her tours consist of travelers from the UK.

She explained that a tour guide’s job is mentally and physically strenuous as it is very competitive in Beijing where there are over 10,000 guides.  To be successful as a tour guide, Yidan believes you must be passionate about the job, like people and be flexible. A good command of the English language is a prerequisite so that you can be understood. In addition, you must have good knowledge about the subjects and places you are touring.

The best part about her touring job is that it is flexible, there are 4 months off during the winter when there are few tourists in China.  In her spare time she reads books about Chinese Culture, works out at the gym, enjoys writing, likes art, cooking, traveling and bad mitten.

Miranda’s favorite music is American Country.

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