Are wrist watches for women in or out?

Are wrist watches for women in or out?Wrist watches are not necessary to know the time because the ubiquitous cell phone easily displays the time. Watches have become like bracelets, jewelry. Many women wear interesting looking or beautiful watches to make a fashion statement and enhance their presentation. Oversize watches have been very popular over the last decade however the newest styles of watches are thin, slender and light. Thin watches tend to transition from daytime to evening better than oversize watches.

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Jewelry That Makes A Statement
Jewelry that makes a statement sends a message about who you are and what you value, conveys confidence and can make an outfit chic. I think what you notice first about someone is their personal statement. A piece of jewelry that catches your eye when you see a woman qualifies as a “statement” piece of jewelry. Something that stands out from everything else.

The Art of Layering Jewelry
Layering is a popular asset when it comes to personal style and layering jewelry is a great way to make your own unique fashion statement to any outfit! So here are a few ways to inspire and cultivate your current jewelry wardrobe.

Vintage Jewelry – Perfect for a Unique Look
You don’t need to wait for a special occasion to wear your vintage jewelry.  A great vintage costume necklace can jazz up a simple white t-shirt and jeans, or you can wear your grandmother’s wedding band every day.  Plus, vintage jewelry is perfect for achieving a unique look – you don’t have to worry about anyone else wearing the same vintage earrings to a party!