Are wraps totally out of fashion for day wear?

scarf_shawls_wrapsWraps /pashminas  are classic wardrobe staples. If they look stylish with what you are wearing you can wear them during the day. They are great when there is a coolness in the air but it’s too warm to wear a jacket or coat. They look very chic with suits, separates, or dresses during the daytime.

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Fashion Q&A

Handbags, Scarves and Belts
Women’s fashion accessories such as handbags, scarves and belts allow you to vary your basic clothing. The accessories you wear should go together. Two accessories in the same color are enough. For example if you are wearing a gray dress with a red belt. You can add a scarf that has grey, red and black in it. Then wear black shoes and carry a black handbag. Stylish women over time have pulled an entire outfit together, developed their individual style and / or added a final touch to their outfits with the right accessories.

Essential French Style, The Scarf
A visit to Paris confirms that essential French style is a scarf. The scarf is an important part of French style in every French woman’s wardrobe. Scarves keep you warm, and they improve the look of any outfit. Scarves give women French style a more worldly, sophisticated, and refined look.