What color suit should I wear with a purple shirt & tie?

What color suit should I wear with a purple shirt & tie? A purple shirt and tie will look great with a number of suit colors. A navy, gray, or black suit will look “in style” with a purple shirt and tie. If you are wearing a solid color purple tie choose a lighter or darker purple color than your shirt. Stripe ties and patterned ties with purple and two or three other colors (white, silver & the suit color) can look very stylish with a purple shirt. When you purchase a new shirt you can choose several different ties that go with it while you are in the store.

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Will Men Wear Floral Prints?
Will men wear floral prints? Floral prints, jungle patterns, desert blooms, bouquets, verdant foliage and hand-embroidered flowers are proliferating in menswear fashion departments. Some familiar menswear designers, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen and Valentino have used floral patterns in all categories of menswear.

Menswear Macho – Camouflage
Camouflage print is everywhere. It is a fashion forward militaristic print that men feel comfortable wearing. You can find it on sneakers, jackets, suits, etc. Camouflage print  has become a fashion neutral in menswear. It goes well with a lot of pieces or as accent pieces such as pocket squares, hats and gloves.