Are Women Better Financial Investors Than Men?

By R. David Silva

women investor

Financial Education is a Continuing Ed Activity

Did you know that many experts think women are better financial investors than men? Even though you may not enjoy investing, it will be the key to how wonderful a future you have. The good news is that you women have an advantage over most males. Research has shown that you are less likely to make unsound investments and that you are more likely to admit what you don’t know (making it easier to learn). The bad news is that generally most women are not as savvy about handling money as men. This could be due either a lack of skills or insufficient time to devote to educating oneself. But there are plenty of web sites and other resources that can get you up to speed or close much of the knowledge gap.


· is a plain-English site that helps you develop a personal action financial educational plan.

· Hot (Broke) Messes, a book due in May, provides wide ranging advice as the author describe her journey getting out of debt.

· Secrets of Six Figure Women is a 2002 book recommended by many female financial planners.

· Women Investing in Security and Education offers after work seminars and conferences.

Financial education is a continuing ed activity. The basic rules, which can yield satisfactory results and way out-distance benign neglect, are easily grasped and implemented. Start your higher return education today. Good fortune.


R. David Silva

Career Editor

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