Will Men Wear Floral Prints?

Will Men Wear Floral Prints?

Floral Prints

Will men wear floral prints? Floral prints, jungle patterns, desert blooms, bouquets, verdant foliage and hand-embroidered flowers are proliferating in menswear fashion departments. Some familiar menswear designers, Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen and Valentino have used floral patterns in all categories of menswear.


Menswear floral fashions come in colors ranging from moody, edgy prints in subdued colors, such as grey, blue, burgundy, midnight navy to strong palettes in electric blue and forest green.

In addition to beach and poolside floral prints there are sharp tailored pieces, button-down shirts, jackets, trousers, track suits and floral linings in evening wear. Fabrics vary from knits in polo shirts to silk, linen, viscose blends, gabardine and cotton.

Team floral prints with denim or add a traditional blazer with floral pants for a masculine look.

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