Are black straight or wide leg pants more slimming? I am a plus size woman & I am planning to wear dressy black pants to a wedding..

Are black straight or wide leg pants more slimming?Whether wide leg or straight leg black pants are more slimming depends on your figure type and height. Wide leg black pants will look more slimming on tall women with broad shoulders. Straight leg pants will be more slimming on tall women with narrow shoulders.  Short plus size women look dumpy wearing wide leg pants. Plus size ladies should avoid pant styles with low rise waists and with big pockets at the hip area. Black pants look more slimming when worn with a black top. If you draw attention to your head area the focus will be on your face instead of your body. Bring attention to your head area with tops with details at the neckline or  beautiful earrings, an up-to-date hairstyle and flattering makeup.

Black top with trim on neckline. Black Top with Statement Necklace Black top with lace upper.

Draw attention upward!

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