What is a Whoop Strap?

What is a Whoop Strap?The Whoop Strap is a wearable unisex wristband device that collects over 100 megabytes of data from it’s wearer. It claims to unlock human performance. If worn everyday the whoop gives the wearer goals and after 4 months if the goals are met it promises to add an average of 41 minutes of sleep per night. The Whoop Strap is worn by actual (LeBron James) or would-be athletes who want to maximize performance and minimize illness and injury. Learn more at https://whoop.com/. A status symbol at $500. (at posting).

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Health Care Basics
Good health care involves not only good nutrition and physical activity but leading a healthy lifestyle and of course great family genes helps. Leading a healthy lifestyle means getting enough rest and drinking in moderation (or not at all), and avoiding drugs like nicotine, etc.

Stretching for Better Health
Spend hours at your desk? Travel long distances in an airplane? Need more flexibility? By stretching in a chair or in an airplane seat for just a few minutes, you will feel more flexible, have more energy and be more productive.

Spinal Health, Keeping Your Back Healthy
“…remaining thin, stretching the hamstrings regularly, and strengthening the abdominal muscles should provide optimum stability and function of the lumbar spine.”

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