Which boots will fit me best? I am a size 18, 5′ tall & I love boots but never know which ones to buy.

Which boots will fit me best? As far as getting boots that fit comfortably you’ll need to try a number of brands to find the perfect boots. When wearing boots avoid showing skin or you’ll look shorter. Black ankle or knee high boots with black leggings and a black skirt and black top will give you a slimmer appearance. A black top with black jeans tucked into knee high boots will also give you a trim appearance. Long pants look nice with ankle boots. Stick with black boots and experiment to see which look best.

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Health Care Basics
Good health care involves not only good nutrition and physical activity but leading a healthy lifestyle and of course great family genes helps. Leading a healthy lifestyle means getting enough rest and drinking in moderation (or not at all), and avoiding drugs like nicotine, etc.

Time To Get Healthy
Make a commitment to get healthy. Summer is here and we all know what that means— short sleeve blouses, shorts and bathing suits are not too far behind.  If your commitment to losing weight this year has not produced any results, then it’s time to forego the diet mentality.  It is time to make a decision that you will never diet again.  Instead, you will make a commitment to get healthy and focus your attention on being well.  By getting healthy, your body will shed fat, and you will lose weight naturally.  By getting healthy, you take control. And don’t forget to check with your primary care physician before starting any new health plan.

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