When to Wear Neutral Color Sheers

When to Wear Neutral Color Sheers

Women are Confused
About When to Wear Neutral Color Sheers

Whether it’s a luncheon, party, wedding or dinner dance many women are still confused about when to wear sheer hosiery / sheer stockings. Common sense says to make the right style choice women need to consider the weather, their age, what they are wearing (skirt or pants), type of footwear and where they are going, a casual or more formal venue.


In a hot humid climate with decent looking legs you can go without leg coverings when wearing skirts or pants. You blend in with everyone else because few if any women wear stockings in very hot weather. Cold weather requires leg coverings, sheer stockings or tights to keep warm.

Mistakes that older women make are trying to look young going without stockings with shorter dresses, white legs and knees showing. Another boo boo older women make is that they wear strappy sandals with sheer neutral color stockings. Sheer neutral color hose with strappy style shoes gives the wearer a web-footed look. A sure way to look out of style and not up to date when it comes to fashion is wearing neutral color sheer stockings with sandals. Wear ultra sheer stockings / pantyhose with closed toe shoes.

Younger women make the mistake of going to work with white legs, and no stockings with skirts, afraid they will not look “cool”. However bare legs look unprofessional and white legs look pretty awful in the workplace unless your workplace is very casual.

Where are you going? Take into consideration if you are going to a casual lunch with a friend, a job interview, wedding, etc. If you want to have a more polished look stock up on a few pairs of ultra sheer fashion hosiery. The best ultra sheers cannot be detected or are hardly detectable at all.

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