What’s in Your WORDrobe®?

What’s in Your WORDrobe®?

What’s in Your WORDrobe®?

What’s in Your WORDrobe®? I’m talking about your written image – the way you convey yourself on paper and on the web.


Anytime is a time for exciting new possibilities, growth and meeting new people. It’s also a time for first impressions. We’ve all heard that first impressions are important, so we do our best to present ourselves well. We arrive prepared and on time, smile, dress impeccably, listen attentively and exude confidence. However, what about the first impression you leave with those people who you aren’t meeting in person?

With the majority of our new “introductions” occurring on the Internet via our websites or through a résumé, the first impression we make is crucial. A website that lacks professionalism or looks amateurish won’t do much to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Similarly, if you are posting or submitting your résumé for a job search, it better not be riddled with spacing, grammar and spelling errors.

This is where having a great WORDrobe® comes in handy! You update your clothing wardrobe each season, right? It’s just as important to have a current WORDrobe®.

Having a current WORDrobe® means that your words:

  •     are styled to reflect your individual personality
  •    reflect fresh content on paper or your website – no passé phrases, or
    “last season’s” words
  •   invite readers to learn more about you and/or your business
  •   effectively convey your main points, rather than just filling space – less is more
  •   drive results!

By taking steps to ensure your written image mirrors your personal style, you will send a consistent, professional message to your associates, clients, or potential employer.


Megan Reese

Guest Writer

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