What top can I wear with a chiffon pleated skirt? The skirt is a very flowy, mini, ballerina style with an elastic wide wasteband & little sewn applications on it (look like eyelets). Prefer a top with some sort of sleeve, classy/sexy.

What top can I wear with a chiffon pleated skirt?A black fitted top would look chic with your chiffon pleated mini skirt. You might want to consider an off the shoulder style top with sleeves. It is very trendy to show a little skin this season so why not bare your shoulders? The good news is that everyone has beautiful shoulders and bare shoulders can be very fetching, feminine, sexy and classy. A black turtleneck body suit or sheer shirt style blouse would also look very sexy with a chiffon pleated skirt. An Internet search “fitted black blouses with sleeves” will come up with other ideas.

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Turtlenecks, Modern & Sexy
Turtlenecks or rollnecks or whatever you call them are key wardrobe pieces and one of the most stylish staples a woman can wear. The turtleneck is cozy on chilly days and the perfect piece for layering. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down. You can wear a bold statement necklace, scarf or brooch to add style with turtleneck tops.

A Modern Classic – The Man’s Shirt
A modern classic, the man’s style shirt, is this seasons low-key chic. A classic man’s shirt style  blouse is the perfect transitional piece to bring you into the next season.  Man’s shirt style blouses come in a variety of colors, white, pinstripe or check.  Wear them all year around. The shirt is smart, ageless and seductive.

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