What to wear under my graduation gown?

What to wear under my graduation gown?A graduation gown means you did it!!! Congratulations on finishing the requirements to go forward in life. Something light weight, comfortable and with pockets to put some essentials in that you need to carry. A dark color dress or top without a collar and pants or a tailored skirt would look good under your gown. Some girls wear blouses with a collar that shows around the neckline of the graduation gown. Try tops with or without collars and then decide which looks best on you. Wear shoes that are comfortable to walk in, heels (not stilettos) or low wedges.

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The Basic Tee
The white basic tee shirt is an American classic. In terms of style it suits all fashion people whether high fashion divas, cheap, chic fashoinistas, or laid back fashion chicks the basic tee shirt can work in any wardrobe.

A Modern Classic – The Man’s Shirt
A modern classic, the man’s style shirt, is this seasons low-key chic. A classic man’s shirt style  blouse is the perfect transitional piece to bring you into the next season.  Man’s shirt style blouses come in a variety of colors, white, pinstripe or check.  Wear them all year around. The shirt is smart, ageless and seductive.

5 Ways To Stretch Your Clothing Dollars
Build your wardrobe around one basic color and only purchase things that can be worn with that color. Choose a solid color that flatters your skin tone as your foundation neutral.  Foundation neutral colors are black, navy, gray, or brown/camel.

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