What shoes, handbag & other accessories go with a champagne color dress? The dress is a sleeveless, knee length style. I am mother of the bride & the wedding is in June.

What shoes, handbag & other accessories go with a champagne color dress?A champagne color lace dress screams elegant and luxurious. Select some fabulous earrings first that go with your, skintone, hair and dress. Silver, gold, gold and sparkly (quality rhinestone or diamond), pearl or a pearl and sparkly or pearl and gold combination styles of earrings would look awesome with your champagne color MOB (mother of the bride) dress. As far as shoes and handbag go you can wear matching color shoes and handbag and draw attention upward to your face area with a pair of fabulous earrings, an up-to-date hairstyle and flattering makeup. Gold or silver shoes are other options. They will draw some attention to you feet. If you would like to wear gold shoes and gold jewelry a champagne color bag would look chic. With silver shoes and sparkly or silver jewelry a champagne color bag would be good. If you decide on silver or sparkly jewelry and champagne color shoes you might try a silver bag. Pearl & sparkly earrings (jewelry) and champagne color shoes would look nice with a silver or champagne color bag. Experiment to see which combination looks best on you.

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What Should the Mother of the Bride Wear?
The one given when deciding what to wear for your daughter’s wedding is that every MOB (Mother of the Bride) wants to look great. Your daughter is the center of attention on her wedding day but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine too. Mothers of Brides usually have first choice when it comes to selecting an outfit for their daughter’s wedding but should let the Mother of the Groom in on what she is wearing if possible. A personal shopper/stylist at your favorite department store can help in selecting a MOB outfit.