What shoes can I wear to my step-granddaughter’s wedding? The wedding is an outdoor wedding in June. I usually wear walking or running shoes because I have bad feet & ankles. I am age 70.

What shoes can I wear to my step-granddaughter's wedding?Your step-granddaughter’s wedding in June sounds very festive. You need to draw attention upward away from your feet and ankles . Your shoes must be a simple style and comfortable so you can enjoy this outdoor event. The focus should be on your face by wearing one piece of statement jewelry (earrings or necklace) with a classic style, solid color dress or pants and top. A blouse or dress with beading around the neckline or with some other interesting detail like ruffles around the neck area is another option. With an up-to-date hair style and flattering makeup you will draw attention upward to your face instead of downward to your feet.

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2015 Spring / Summer Shoe Trends
The four most popular shoe trends for spring / summer 2015 are 1) wedge style espadrilles, first popularized by French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, 2) Birkenstocks (now numerous options), 3) colorful flat sandals and 4) minimal high heel sandals.

Design Your Own Shoes
Design your own shoes. When the shoe fits you can wear it. Maybe there is a “perfect pair” or pairs of shoes for all of us. Now you can get the latest shoe styles that you can walk in and be comfortable in at the same time. Shoes of Prey a company in Australia is an online resource for designing your own shoes.

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