What is the proper skirt length in relation to your knees?

What is the proper skirt length in relation to your knees?There is no one skirt length that is proper for everyone. Everyone has to experiment and check their mirror to see what length(s) is most flattering on them. Height, weight, age and skirt style have to be taken into consideration when choosing a proper skirt length. In general tall women can wear longer length skirts (mid calf) and short women look better in shorter skirts around knee length or a little above the knee 2″ to 4″. Your weight is another factor in determining a proper skirt length. Thin women can wear knee length skirts but heavier women look better in skirts that are just below the knee. As you age your knees and legs change and you may prefer a little longer skirt length that covers part or all of your knees. Young women can wear shorter skirts because there legs usually look great. Knee length skirts that fit properly work for most women and are in good taste.

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